Heart of America Locksmith is a fully mobile locksmith service for the Greater Kansas City Area for over a decade. We provide full Commercial and Residential services including vehicle lockouts. Currently we don’t program or make keys for vehicles. As we are a mobile service, we typically are not at the office. We come to you! Limited services are available at our office via appointment only.

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Do you have locks and keys that just don’t work properly?  We can help.  If you have to wiggle your key and hold it “just right” to make it work, it may be time for new keys. Over time pins in the lock wear down and the key itself will begin to wear. Resulting in the key not working properly.  A correctly made key should turn with ease.  If you have duplicate keys made from an old and worn key, they may not work well. We recommend getting new keys made to allow proper alignment. Any imperfections in the key could be magnified in the duplicating process.

Sometimes the key isn’t the problem. The door or lock may not be operating correctly and you cannot get it properly secure.  We can usually diagnose and correct those problems for you.

Please call us to discuss any issues you are having with your locks and keys, with locks that need replacement or repair, if you are having door security issues, or if you’ve been locked out of your home, business or auto.  Heart of America Locksmith will be there to assist you with professional and reliable locksmith services.  Estimates available over the phone.  Written estimates provided for larger projects.

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Contact us, a local locksmith company providing commercial and residential service to the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area.  We know your time is valuable — why hassle with driving to our location when we can bring our shop to you!  We can schedule an appointment at your convenience, or provide emergency services when needed.  Just give us a call Click to Call Now.

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    We offer competitive rates, and can give you an estimate for most home projects in an email, or while you are on the phone.  For prompt service, call us to discuss your project.


    On many commercial projects we will be able to provide you with a basic estimate via email, or during your phone call.  Larger projects may require a written estimate which we are happy to provide, usually at no cost.


    If you find yourself locked out of your home, office, or automobile, give us a call.  We will do our best to assist you.  In most cases, we can quote you a firm price during your phone call.

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    Heart of America offers a full range of commercial and residential services. We also provide services for emergency lockouts. Locally owned for over a decade.

    Just purchased a home? We can rekey the locks and provide you with new keys. This gives you control over who has a key to your home, locking out anyone who received a key from the previous owner. In a new home, it is unknown who has old keys. Keys have been provided to those involved in building the home.

    New storefront for your business?  We may be able to slim down your key ring by implementing a Master Key program.  Or it might be time to go keyless and install an electronic access control system using card readers, key pads, or push-button locks. 

    Locked out of your home, business or vehicle? We can help with that as well!

    Please call to discuss your lock and security issues with us. We will develop a solution designed to meet your specific needs and concerns.

    For more information click on one of the services; Commercial, Residential, Lockout. Or checkout our Products.

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    We provide residential services right at your doorstep. With our mobile locksmith van, we come to you. Every homeowner expects and deserves the best in security. Not only for themselves but their family. Eliminate worry by knowing that your property is safe and secure by updating your home lock systems.


    Are you a new homeowner looking for peace of mind? Wanting to change or upgrade your home locks and keys? Long time homeowner looking to upgrade or expand your options for home security?  We can help! Problems with family members or tradespeople misplacing keys? Consider changing to a push button lock system. Set specific codes and time limits for repair worker or housekeeping. Push button lock system can be installed with or without key access.  Don’t overlook exterior doors to storage or workshops either. Consider a master key system, eliminating the need for multiple keys.


    Landlord with turnover in staff or residents? We can install interchangeable core lock systems. This system makes changing locks or key sets simple. We can add to your  property’s existing security system as well. Or we can suggest upgrades that are effective and affordable for you. Keys can be stamped with “Do Not Duplicate”. Giving you peace of mind. You may opt to use a specialty key or licensed product, to add additional layers of security for your residents.  We bring our services to your location. Our professional mobile locksmith service makes the most of your time. We do so by eliminating the guesswork in any job. Leaving you free to maintain your business operation without having to leave your property.

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    We provide complete commercial locksmith services for all types of businesses, including multiple or single retail locations.  Whether you are a small business with a single employee, or a large operation with multiple employees. We can customize a system for your needs that is cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use. We can also work with your corporate service provider when necessary.  Your provider can contact us for quotes and availability on Contact Us or Click to Call Now.

    We also provide complete services for schools, churches, and multi-family residential properties.  Whatever your needs, we’re here to give you the most complete and affordable services available.  Unique or challenging problems aren’t a concern, contact us for a quote on your project.  We can schedule your work request at a time that works best for you, your staff, and your clients.

    We can often re-key and re-master most major brands of standard locks.  If you have frequent turn-over,  we might suggest installing interchangeable core locks. This makes changing keys and locks faster and more cost-effective.  This is often a great help to clients with multiple use customers, such as landlords of residential or commercial properties. You may also consider eliminating conventional keys altogether and convert to push-button locks, card readers, or other electronic entry systems.

    Many high traffic areas can benefit from the addition of electric-controlled strike systems, combined with intercom or video access to your receptionist or office staff.  Magnetic strike locks are also gaining in popularity, and provide another option for heavy-duty security needs in areas such as warehouses, supply areas, and back stock rooms.  Some customers may need panic bar exit devices, which sound an alarm when activated, and these can be installed with either key control, keypad control, or a combination of either.


    Locked out of your home, office, or vehicle? We can help you with your lockout situation! An accurate estimated time of arrival and quote can be provided over the phone. We service the Greater Kansas City area.

    We have gotten a few lockout calls in regards to a closet, pantry or bathroom door. If the door does not have a key way on either side then you can unlock the door yourself. Sometimes a paper clip can work and sometimes you need a tiny flat head screw driver. If you feel like you cannot get it open then we will come out and assist you with the door.

    If you would like to check out what we can do for your home or office, click a link. Commercial, Residential. We can make more keys after getting you back into your home or office. Or we can help you with any of your other locksmith needs while we are there. Just let us know what you need!

    Lockout services for vehicles only. We do not have the tools to make keys, duplicate keys or program key fobs for vehicles.

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