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Welcome to Heart Of America Locksmith!  We are a fully mobile locksmith company serving the Greater Kansas City Area.


If you want to know what our customers think about us, check our reviews on Angie’s List or on Home Advisor.


Monday thru Friday – 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday – 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday – 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Limited Services)

We do Offer Emergency Lockout Services When Possible – Please call 913.213.5203

Office and Shop Hours by Appointment Only


Heart of America is locally owned and offers a full range of commercial and residential services.  Are you purchasing a home?  We can re-key the locks and provide you with new keys.  This gives you control over who has a key to your home, locking out anyone who received a key from the previous owner.  Even in a brand new house, keys may have been provided to contractors and workers involved in building your new home.


If you own a business, are you carrying around too many keys?  We may be able to slim down your key ring by implementing a Master Key program.  Or it might be time to go keyless and install an electronic access control system using card readers, key pads, or push-button locks.  Please call to discuss your lock and security issues with us.  We will develop a solution designed to meet your specific needs and concerns.


Do you have locks and keys that just don’t work properly?  We can help.  If you have to wiggle your key and hold it “just right” to make it work, it may be time for new keys.  Over time the pins in the lock can get worn down, and the key itself will begin to wear.  When that happens, the key will not work properly.  A correctly made key should turn with ease.  If you’ve ever had duplicate keys made from an old and worn key, they may not have worked well.  Any imperfections in the key can be magnified in the duplicating process, especially if the key machine is not 100% accurate.

In some cases the keys you are using may work perfectly, but it is still hard to operate your lock, or to get a door latched and properly secured.  We can usually diagnose and correct those problems for you.

Locksmith Service Locks and Keys Displayed

Please call us to discuss any issues you are having with your locks and keys, with locks that need replacement or repair, if you are having door security issues, or if you’ve been locked out of your home, business or auto.  Heart of America will be there to assist you with professional and reliable locksmith services.  Charges for most jobs can be quoted when you call.  Written estimates can be provided when needed for larger projects.

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