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Door Closer and Exit Device

Door Closer and Exit Device

You can find an exit device and door closer at any store front. Heart of America Locksmith can help service these, install them or replace. We will get you what you need without you having to do anything, with our mobile van. Our van comes to you with the tools we need to fix your problem. This allows you to focus on your business as we take care of your lock related needs.

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exit device

Exit Device

Fire exits need an exit device, typical known as a push bar, also known as a panic bar. Even then many doors will need a push bar because of its ease of use. You see them all the time in most stores. Select exit devices come with the ability to remain in an unlocked state. Allowing the door to remain open during business hours for customers to enter freely. This is a common thing seen on a store front door but not as common on back doors. These were not chosen for just looks, they are a necessity for fire code in most places. This is even more true with a door closer in place.

exit device
exit device

Door Closer

A door closer has a name that speaks for itself. A door closer will close the door and help keep it closed. When installed correctly, a door closer will meet handicap requirements. It will also only open so far and will close in a timely manor without slamming. Finally it will be easily operated by an individual, allowing them to open the door it is installed on. A door closer should not be worked on except by an individual that knows what they are doing. This system holds a lot of pressure and if handled incorrectly can result in serious injury.

Give us a call and let us help you with choosing an exit device and door closer for your project, home, or office. Check out what else we can do for your residential and commercial needs.

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