Door Knob and Deadbolt

We offer 3 types of door knob types for Residential: Passage, Keyed Entry, and Privacy. For Commercial we offer 2 more types of door knobs: Classroom and Storeroom. For deadbolts we offer 4 types: Single Sided, Double Sided, Lockable Thumb-turn, and Electronic/Smart Lockable Thumb-turn.

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Passage Knob

  • Passage door knobs twist and latch.
  • They do not lock and only allow passage from one room to the next.
  • These knobs are great for interior hallways, utility spaces and larger closets

Keyed Entry Knob

  • Keyed entry door knobs feature a lock and key mechanism on both sides for safety and security. 
  • These are frequently used for home entrances, including the front door or patio door. 
  • They can also be used to secure other rooms in your home like your basement or an important storage space.

Privacy Knob

  • Privacy door knobs include a twist or button lock that only functions from one side. 
  • Unlocked from the other side with a small pin or emergency key instead of a traditional key. 
  • These door knobs are typically used in bathrooms, bedrooms and any other room that calls for a little privacy.

Classroom Knob

  • Classroom door knobs have a key way side and nothing on the other.
  • Full turn can either keep the door locked or unlocked.
  • Name says it all, Ideal for classroom doors but can be used on any door.

Storeroom Knob

  • Storeroom door knobs have a key way side and nothing on the other like Classroom Knob.
  • Door is locked at all times, key needed to unlock the door.
  • Ideal for High Security/Restricted access like Managers office or IT room.

Single Sided Deadbolt

  • Single sided deadbolt offers a thumb-turn or key way on one side of the door only.
  • They act similar to thumb-turn deadbolt but there is no key on the other side
  • Typically used as an extra form of security for when you are home.

Thumb-turn Deadbolt

  • Thumb-turn deadbolt offer a thumb-turn on one side and a key way on the other.
  • Most common deadbolt found in homes today
  • Usable on just about any door, not just an exterior door.

Double Sided Deadbolt

  • Key way on both sides.
  • These are the second most common deadbolt found in homes.
  • Usable on just about any door.

Electronic/Smart Deadbolt Thumb-turn Deadbolt

  • Battery operated, generally with number keys on side
  • Thumb-turn on the other side
  • Some can be connected to smart home, mobile phone, or smart devices

There is also a Kwikset Smartkey system that comes in doorknob and deadbolt. Both double sided and thumb-turn style deadbolts. (Biscuit knob displayed, levers are also available)

Kwikset Smartkey

  • Easily re-key the door knob or deadbolt with a special tool and working key
  • Average life of 10-15 years before replacement may be needed.
  • Most commonly used at apartment complexes.

We also offer a handle set in different finishes and keyed for Kwikset or Schlage. (Handle sets also come in different styles. Photos below are just examples of 2 types.)

Handle Set

  • Thumb press door knob on the exterior with normal (biscuit) knob on the interior
  • Comes with thumb turn deadbolt
  • “Fancier” option over deadbolt and door knob combo
Non-Keyed (lever) Knob
Keyed (biscuit) Knob

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