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Electronic Access Control Systems

Electronic Access Controls

Electronic access control systems can take many forms. We can design a system specific to your needs and requirements.  Battery-operated, stand-alone locks with a numeric keypad are used to control one door.  Stand-alone locks are also available that employ a card reader.  Complex systems can control multiple doors with keypads, card readers, or bio-metric devices.  Discussed below are some of the common options and products.

biometric lock
smart lock

Simple Access Control Systems

We are all familiar with the most common access control devices. A lock that is operated with a key. The lock in this case can be a padlock, doorknob or lever-set. A door cylinder on a car or any type of lock controlled with a physical key. Mechanical locks used on drawers, file cabinets, gates, bikes, boats, tool chests, and more. In addition to locks used at the entrance to homes and businesses.

lock with key
keycode lock entry

Access Control

Access control is any barrier or device that limits free entry to your home or business.  Doors would seem to be the simplest of access control devices. But they don’t actually limit entry until you add a locking system to secure the door.  The goal is to allow ease of access for family, staff or clients, without compromising security.  There are many options for electronic access control systems that are easy to use, install, and maintain.  Adding electronic access control to your home or business can add a layer of protection and peace of mind. While being affordable, easy to use, update, and maintain.

Give us a call and let us help you with choosing an electronic access control for your project. Check out what else we can do for your residential and commercial needs.

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