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Master Key System

Master Key System

Many businesses take security a step further by employing a Master Key System.  In a typical Master Key System each lock/door, room, or area may have its own individual key. The key accesses one door or area only.  In a large facility there can be many individual locks, each with an individual key.  An owner or manager needing access to all areas might need to carry a large ring of keys were it not for Master Keys.  In this system, the locksmith makes a Master Key to be used on all the locks. Along with a series of subordinate keys for use on individual locks.  The locksmith will then set each lock, through use of the appropriate pins or tumblers, to accept the appropriate keys.

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Master Key System

More complex Master Key Systems can use Sub-Masters to control a limited group of locks. To illustrate, let’s use a sample business which has three departments: Administration, Sales, and Production.  In the Sales Department, each salesperson would have a key to their individual office. While the Sales Manager would have a sub-master key allowing access to all sales offices.  This would also be the arrangement for the other departments and department managers.  However the General Manager would hold a Master Key allowing access to every door within all three departments.

The Master Key system is available with residential and commercial. For more information on those, click one of these links. CommercialResidential.

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